six tips for working in coffee shops

Six Awesome Productivity Tips for Working in Coffee Shops (Infographic)

According to a recent study performed by the Office of National Statistics, a record number of people are now working remotely. The study shows that 13.9% of today’s workforce either works solely from home, or they use their home as a base while working from different locations. With the rise of virtual law offices, this comes as no surprise. […]

May the Fourth Be With You!

  It’s kind of difficult to work at a tech company and not know what a special day May the 4th is. It’s that one day a year when we greet people by saying, “May the 4th be with you” and honor all things Star Wars. It’s a very important day. And this year, it’s especially […]

Freedom Fighters

Legal Freedom Fighter Series: Kimberly Merchant

  We’ve seen it repeatedly throughout our history: When people’s rights are threatened, it’s the lawyers who step up to to the plate. They fight hate, they defend our Constitution, and they give a voice to people who can’t speak for themselves. More than ever before, we need lawyers to help ensure that everyone’s rights are protected. Thousands of […]

benefits of payment plans

The Surprising Benefits of Payment Plans

  There’s nothing more worrisome to a small firm than cash flow, but making sure your clients pay can be problematic. Why? Clients have cash flow concerns, too. Paying hundreds or thousands of dollars out-of-pocket is not something many people can afford in today’s economy. So how do you bridge the gap between your client’s needs […]

work remotely at starbucks

Top Five Etiquette Rules if You’re Going to Work Remote at Starbucks

  For anyone who works remotely—whether every day or just once in a while—there’s something energizing about working out of your local Starbucks or local coffee shop. However, it’s not just about the free Wi-Fi or addictive beverages. Recently, I had left work for a doctor’s appointment but had about an hour to kill before picking my […]

digital toolbox

The Best Tool in Your Digital Toolbox: Knowledge

  Technology moves fast—really fast! Not that long ago, we had one desktop computer that never really changed much. It was easy to get comfortable with the routine software and procedures and just cruise by on auto-pilot. However, those days are long gone as we now have this fantastic world of mobile devices and cloud services […]

law firm culture

Top Five Ways to Set Up Your Law Firm’s Culture for Success

Ask a general manager of a sports franchise about building a culture and his or her eyes may light up before declaring that culture is the key to winning. Ask the principal in a small to mid-sized law firm the same question, and you may receive a blank stare. However, culture at a law firm—or […]