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Top 8 Technologies to Help You Run a Paperless Law Office

Let’s face it: there is an insane amount of paperwork that goes into running a…

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Creating Healthy Habits: 6 Stretches to Do While Sitting at Your Desk

Sitting at your desk for prolonged periods is not healthy. You are putting yourself at…

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Custom Rules to Avoid Painful LEDES Invoice Rejection

Law firm billing, especially involving LEDES, is the bane of many a billing administrator’s existence,…

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Using Automated & Paperless Prebills to Eliminate Headaches

Who loves billing week? Okay, very few. But, if more people embraced law firm automation…

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Tips on How to Manage Multiple Accounts Per Client in Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter has been helping lawyers reconcile their law firm trust accounts since 2008, when…

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Electronic Signatures for Lawyers Included in Rocket Matter Premier

Electronic signatures for lawyers is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Perhaps that’s going a…

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Rocket Matter Introduces Advanced Functionality in Major New Artemis Release and New “Premier” Tier

The Rocket Matter team is excited to announce the release of our Premier product tier,…

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Law Firm Automation – How to Simplify Your Practice

Is automating your law firm worth it? This is a question many people practicing law…

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Why Lawyers Should Bring Their Dogs to the Office

As workers across the country are slowly beginning to return to the workplace, many are…

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How to Identify and Avoid the Hidden Fees of Legal Credit Card Processing

If you’ve ever suspected that your credit card processing statement is more expensive than you…

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Law Firm Profitability Metrics Every Lawyer Should Know

Whether you plan to start a new law firm or restructure an already existing one,…

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How to Reduce Your Law Firm’s Overhead Costs and Still Be Productive

Overhead cost is anything you pay for that doesn’t generate income. This may include but…

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