donut factory

How a Law Firm is Like a Donut Shop

  This article is based on Episode 27 of the Lean Law Firm Podcast, where I discuss an analogy that my co-author Dave Maxfield and I use during our live event.   Have you been to a Duck Donuts?  It’s a little slice of heaven for those of you not on a carb-free diet.  And […]

my profile settings

Wednesday Wisdom- My Profile Settings

What can be configured under the “My Profile” section of Rocket Matter? A whole lot! You can edit your profile picture, adjust your hourly rate, change your account password, and much much more. You’ll also find the settings for your email, Office 365, and Google App integrations. See for yourself. Explore the “My profile” section […]

rocket matter user dashboard

Wednesday Wisdom- The User Dashboard

The User Dashboard is a collection of all things that pertain to the individual user. Each day when you log in, you can find your personal calendar and tasks, along with user billing and firm billing metrics. Rocket Matter’s sleek design helps you stay organized and improves your productivity! Learn more in this week’s Wednesday […]

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 80: Jill Ruane and the Family Conversations Alexa Skill

On this special episode of the 10 minute Law Firm Podcast, Larry Port speaks with juvenile defense attorney Jill Ruane. Based on her years of experience with communicating with children in court (and having four children of her own), she developed the Family Conversations skill for Alexa-based devices. The main purpose of the skill is […]

rocket matter invoice sharing features

Wednesday Wisdom- Invoice Sharing Features

With Rocket Matter, you can send clients their invoices via email. Accessing invoices then becomes extremely easy and convenient for your clients! Access the matter ledger and know when the email has been opened, or send it again if necessary. This way, there is no confusion when it comes time to getting paid. Rocket Matter […]

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 79: Elaine Russell and LawSpaceMatch

Are you an attorney seeking a shared legal office space? Look no further! On this week’s episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, host Larry Port welcomes guest Elaine M. Russell, an Atlanta-based solo practitioner and founder of LawSpaceMatch is a quick, easy, and inexpensive online tool that brings together attorneys wishing to […]

Bill-As-You-Work Technology

Wednesday Wisdom- Bill-As-You-Work Technology

Tracking your daily time is a breeze with Rocket Matter. Capture time while creating events or tasks, when uploading documents, or syncing emails. Take advantage of the handy timer tool while on phone calls with clients, and more! With over 9 ways to capture time while you work, there is simply no reason to leave […]

Lawyers’ Favorite Legal Podcasts in 2019

Lawyers’ Favorite Legal Podcasts in 2019

  Every year, we ask lawyers to tell us their favorite legal podcasts. This year, they offer some really great suggestions. Lots of our fans actually said The Lean Law Firm Podcast and The Ten Minute Law Firm Podcast are among their favorites! Here’s what else they recommend: “I Am the Law is an award-winning podcast from Law School Transparency that […]