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3 Steps for a More Agile Law Firm alongwith saving Money and Time

If you’ve worked in the legal field over the past decade or so, you may…

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Why is Online Legal Payment Processing a Must for Your Law Firm

Online payment processing options can streamline your firm’s billing, help you collect payments faster (and…

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Use Reporting and Analytics for Better Law Firm Collections

It’s time to talk about every attorney’s favorite part of the workday: analyzing in-depth financial…

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Top 3 Ways Legal Practice Management Software Helps Law Firms

Look, we get it. Whatever Frankenstein’s monster of patchwork software your law firm has pieced…

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How to Expand Your Law Firm by Using Business Intelligence

Trying to grow your law firm without the right knowledge and insight is like trying…

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6 Benefits of Legal Document Automation

We have many acronyms in the software business, but one of our favorites relates to a process,…

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7 Legal Practice Management Features That Will Help Your Firm Advance

Cloud-based legal practice management has come a long way since its inception in 2007. Technology…

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How Lawyers Can Use Mindfulness and Meditation to Reduce Stress

Lawyers work in one of the highest-stressed professions in the world. Between demanding schedules, extremely…

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8 Productivity Tips for Lawyers on How to Stay Focused at Work

We get it. It is extremely difficult to stay focused at work, especially if you…

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Top 7 New Years Resolutions for Lawyers in 2022

Did you know that only 8% of people actually follow through and achieve success with…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Legal Project Management

In an effort to improve productivity and profitability for their law firms, many attorneys have…

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Legal Practice Management Software Features: Basics and Beyond

Some small law firms use a duct-taped system of Word, Excel, and Quickbooks to manage their cases….

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