Randy Juip

A Member of Our Legal Community Fights Friedreich’s Ataxia

  Imagine finding out that your child had a disorder that would interfere with walking, talking, and running. Imagine he or she would likely be in a wheelchair by his or her late teens. Imagine discovering that your kid, as a result of the disorder, would develop scoliosis, diabetes, and a heart condition that reduces […]

Rocket Matter Shelter Animal of the Week

Rocket Matter’s New Series: Shelter Animal of the Week

  Caring is one of our core values at Rocket Matter. We’ve decided to extend our caring beyond the way we treat each other and our customers, so Rocket Matter is now championing two main causes: Social justice and animal welfare. Previously we’ve written about our involvement with the Anti-Defamation League and highlighted lawyers fighting […]

What Law Firms Need to Know About the Ransomware Cyberattacks

What Law Firms Need to Know About the Ransomware Cyberattacks

  On Friday, hundreds of thousands of computers across the globe were taken hostage by a type of attack known as “ransomware.”  In this latest attack, cybercriminals threatened to destroy all data on infected machines unless an online payment was made. Here’s the most critical takeaway for you to know: These attacks were entirely preventable. […]

build trust

7 Tips for Building Trust at Your Firm Through Written Work

  Trust is key to every lawyer’s success. Until your name is on the marquee of a white shoe firm, trust is earned not given. At the associate level, you must convince your law firm’s partners to trust you and your work so that they keep giving you opportunities. So how do you do that?  Since lawyers spend […]