Bill-As-You-Work Technology

Wednesday Wisdom- Bill-As-You-Work Technology

Tracking your daily time is a breeze with Rocket Matter. Capture time while creating events or tasks, when uploading documents, or syncing emails. Take advantage of the handy timer tool while on phone calls with clients, and more! With over 9 ways to capture time while you work, there is simply no reason to leave […]

Lawyers’ Favorite Legal Podcasts in 2019

Lawyers’ Favorite Legal Podcasts in 2019

  Every year, we ask lawyers to tell us their favorite legal podcasts. This year, they offer some really great suggestions. Lots of our fans actually said The Lean Law Firm Podcast and The Ten Minute Law Firm Podcast are among their favorites! Here’s what else they recommend: “I Am the Law is an award-winning podcast from Law School Transparency that […]

Are You Getting Bad Advice When it Comes to Legal Technology? You Getting Bad Advice About Legal Software?

Are You Getting Bad Advice When it Comes to Legal Technology?

  Not so fun fact: 88% of software implementations either fail outright, run over budget, or are significantly delayed. So if you thought that rolling out a new software platform at your firm is daunting, you’re right. The dangers to your project lurk both inside and out. Software vendors and consultants can have interests that […]

advanced search

Wednesday Wisdom- Advanced Search

Here at Rocket Matter, we give you the power! Take advantage of our Advanced Search: Click the gear icon located within the global search box. From here, you can run reports based on clients, matters, contacts, activities, tags, users and custom fields. Also, results are easily exported for your convenience. Learn more in this week’s […]

contact information

Wednesday Wisdom- Change Your Firm’s Contact Information

Has your firm recently changed its name, phone number, or physical address? Update your firm’s contact information in Rocket Matter so that all invoices and correspondences reflect these changes. Just navigate to your firm’s contact record, make changes, and you’re all set! Learn more in this week’s Wednesday Wisdom:  

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 77: Transformational Growth with Katy Goshtasbi

On this week’s episode of the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, Larry Port welcomes special guest Katy Goshtosbi, founder of Puris Consulting and Chair of the ABA Law Practice Division. Katy specializes in holistic law firm branding, focusing on growth as a transformational journey. Listen as Katy explains the emotional side of marketing and why it […]

data protection

Three Things Every Law Firm Must Understand About Data Protection

The Panama Papers leak in 2015 was the largest in history: 11.5 million files from one of the world’s biggest offshore law firms, Mossack Fonseca. The worst part about the incident—aside from the innocent businesses and individuals who were caught out and compromised alongside the corrupt—was the fact that it could have been easily prevented. The […]

billing dashboard

Wednesday Wisdom- The Billing Dashboard

Rocket Matter’s user interface is easy to navigate and will help keep you organized. Access all things billing from the Billing Dashboard. Review and manage trust funds, run batch billing, sync to Quickbooks online or run reports…everything you need is at your fingertips. Learn more in this week’s Wednesday Wisdom.

Rocket Matter- 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast

Ep 76: Improve Your Practice with LAWCLERK (part 2)

This week on the 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast, you’ll hear part 2 of our LAWCLERK interview. Co-founders Talitha Gray Kozlowski and Kristin Tyler return to explain the logistics of how their service works, and how they came up with the idea for their company. You’ll also get some great advice if you’re interested in breaking […]