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    Rocket Matter Releases “Scotty” with New Trust Account Reporting + Better Dropbox Integration


      Rocket Matter is pleased to release “Scotty”, our fourth release of user-requested application improvements to our law firm practice management software since July. Notably, we’ve added two great new reports for legal trust accounting which were inspired by a CPA who helped a law firm with a trust account audit.

      We’ve also improved our integration with popular cloud storage tool Dropbox to take advantage of their latest security enhancements.

      NOTE TO CURRENT DROPBOX USERS: If you are using Rocket Matter’s Dropbox integration, you need to re-authenticate so that both accounts are linked back up. Follow instructions here.

      Client Trust Account Details

      The first new trust account report is the “Client Trust Details Grid”, which shows you a expandable grid containing all of your clients’ trust information. You can expand each client to see a history of their trust account ledger over a specified time period. You can also contract a section to focus on a different client.

      As with all Rocket Matter reports, you can also export this report to Excel for backup purposes or to work with an accounting professional who might not have access to your Rocket Matter account.

      Access it via “Admin > Reports > more… > I want to see all of my trust transactions by client”. A screenshot shows the functionality.

      Trust Account Reporting - Client by Client Ledgers

      All Trust Account Transactions

      The other new trust account reporting tool allows you to see all of your trust account transactions across your entire firm for a specified date range. It differs from the other report in that it is a complete historical chronology of your trust account activity and is not grouped by client.

      Like all reports, you can export all of your trust account transactions to Excel.  Access it via “Admin > Reports > more… > all of my trust account transactions.”:

      Trust account reporting showing all transactions across a firm

      Bug Fixes

      + Made date formats consistent on the Matter Details Excel export.
      + Umlauts are now allowed in the filenames of invoices.
      + Fixed parsing error with new contact names in the Add Matter wizard.

      User Experience Improvements

      + We increased the allowed number of characters in the following fields: user first name, contact first name, work email, home email, and username.
      + We added the ability to sort by Matter type in the Matters report.

      Previous releases since July addressing customer feedback include “Sulu”, “Uhura” and “Chekov”.  Earlier this month we also rolled out our iPhone app for lawyers.

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