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    Rocket Matter's Ferengi Release: Better Legal Billing. Guaranteed.


      Our newest release, Ferengi, boasts even more powerful methods to capture your time and wraps up a year of dramatic improvements to our legal billing software.
      Check out our video to see our legal time and billing improvements in action:

      Awesome New Time and Billing Features

      Billing for Dropbox documents and Evernote notes: Capture the time you spend on these items in order to effortlessly bill your clients for them.
      Flexible billing dates for e-mails, documents, and to-do items: Bill for an e-mail, document, or task for a past date instead of only having the ability to bill for the current date or uploaded date. Work how and when you want, but maintain accurate billing records for your client invoice.
      Increased visibility for invoiced items: View specific details of billed items to double-check the status of the item. Easily detect if the items has already been invoiced, if it’s in an invoice waiting to be sent out, or if it is pending to be added to a future invoice.

      A Year’s Worth of Billing Improvements

      Sharing an invoice through the Rocket Matter Client Portal: Through the Client Portal, you can quickly and easily share an invoice with a client through our automated process. Once the invoice is processed, the client will be notified by e-mail. No downloading or e-mailing necessary on your end.
      Accept credit card payments from clients: Rocket Matter’s integration with LawPay facilitates the process of accepting credit card payment through the Client Portal. Payments automatically post to your matter ledger and reports in Rocket Matter. Less room for error, less bookkeeping work, more productivity.
      Upgraded Reporting: Track what invoices have been paid and which ones are still outstanding with our Accounts Receivable report. When a client submits a payment to you, you can record the payment by associated it with a specific invoice. Doing this gives you access to an upgraded Accounts Receivable report and new Payments-to-Invoices report.

      Legal Billing 2.0 on the Go

      Our Legal Billing 2.0 philosophy starts with allowing you to bill where and whenever you need. We’ve continuously improved our iPhone legal app this year, and most significantly, released the first ever native Android app for law practice management.
      The Rocket Matter mobile apps emphasize quick billing and time tracking tools, including easily adding payments and expenses. It also features the ability to review outstanding balances by matter and recently billed items. Both versions of the app provide full access to your calendar, contacts, and matters with the tap of a finger.
      You can even use them whether you’re offline or online – so you don’t have to worry about low connectivity courthouses or air travel situations.

      Better Legal Billing. Guaranteed.

      Take the Rocket Matter 30-Day Challenge: Sign up for your Rocket Matter account today. We guarantee increased profitability for your firm or your money back!

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