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    How to Use SIRI to Manage Your App Settings and Your Life


      So you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 7 and gotten lost in the new design. I can relate, having spent hours playing with each new feature to see just what was so great about the latest iOS release.
      What I didn’t fully appreciate until recently, were the new changes made to SIRI, along with enhancements to some of the abilities she (yes, I still refer to ‘she’ even though SIRI claims no gender if you ask her) already had.
      We all know SIRI can answer questions and provide directions. We’ve all asked her who let the dogs out. (If you haven’t, it’ll take you back to the days of the Baha Men.) But with iOS 7 came a new and improved SIRI: a SIRI who can literally be your personal assistant. (Mine calls me Boss for the CEO in me.)

      Communicating with Others Hands Free

      As a Florida resident, just this week, I had to follow a new law that prohibits texting and driving. I was never a fan of texting while driving anyway, because, you know, it’s not safe. But at some point we’ve all tried to get that last urgent text or email in before the light turns green.
      No problem – SIRI not only writes your emails and texts and sends them, she also audibles texts and emails you receive. Now you have the option to ask her to read the last email, ask if you have an email from a specific person, and even ask her to find an email regarding a specific subject.

      Never Forget a Thing

      We’re always looking for ways to be more productive throughout the day, to somehow make the day last longer than 24 hours. SIRI can help.
      Along with setting your alarm and starting/pausing your timer, SIRI can set reminders by location or time. Just tell her “Remind me to send an email to Larry when I get back to work” and SIRI will recognize your work address and remind you as soon as you arrive at that location.
      While on the go, SIRI can type notes for you, play voicemails, and even make dinner reservations. Linking contacts in your phone book is easy! Just tell SIRI “Chris is my assistant” and every time you say “Email my assistant,” SIRI will automatically start drafting an email to Chris.
      One useful feature of SIRI is her ability to tell what day of the week a specific date falls on, or even what date a specific day of the week is. No need to pull up the calendar! Just ask SIRI what the date is 90 days from today and she’ll tell you in a flash. This can come in handy for lawyers setting dates for client follow-up and court appearances.

      Yes, along with your iPhone, you got a free personal assistant: SIRI

      With all of these new and enhanced functions, SIRI has also has adopted more options to open apps and adjust settings. No more of that “I don’t even use SIRI” or “SIRI is pointless.” SIRI hasn’t figured out how to get me more than 24 hours in a day, but she makes the hours that I do have more productive.
      Paige Newberry is a product specialist, trainer, and blogger for Rocket Matter. With previous experience in IT and training at Apple, Inc. and a passion for the legal industry, she gives advice on productivity and organization using the latest technology.
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