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    Top 10 Legal Productivity Posts of 2014


      Discussions on lawyers using Evernote, blogging lawyers, lawyers going Google, and lawyers working remotely were among the most widely read posts of 2014 here on the Legal Productivity blog.
      A special thanks to you, our readers, for coming back to read and share our posts, and to our awesome group of staff and guest writers. Without further ado, here are the top 10 posts.
      1. How Lawyers Use Evernote – Nine lawyers share how they use Evernote.
      2. Lawyers Going Google: How to Use and Supercharge Gmail and Calendar – Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch, who literally wrote the book on Google for Lawyers, share their insights and expertise.
      3. Edit Word, Excel, Powerpoint In Google Drive Without Converting – More from Mark and Carole.
      4. Keep Your Inbox Clear By Sending Task-Based Emails To Evernote – Is your inbox burdened with an ever expanding list of emails waiting for your response? Send them to Evernote and keep your inbox clear.
      5. Five Daily Productivity Practices To Reduce Stress and Get Things Done – Five practices to help you focus, reduce stress, and keep the productivity engine chugging every day. This post from January is still being widely shared and read.
      6. Working Remotely: How Lee Rosen Moved His Law Firm to an All-Remote Workforce – Lee Rosen shares his experience and offers advice on lawyers working remotely.
      7. Why Do You Blog? 23 Lawyers Weigh In – Get inspiration to start blogging from lawyers who’ve been doing it for a long time.
      8. Nine Social Media Considerations for Lawyers – Social media is not something most lawyers think about every day. But social media can make or break almost any type of litigation or matter your clients may have. Here are nine lessons about social media in the law that some lawyers and their clients have learned the hard way:
      9. Working Remotely: A Productive Home Office – This post is one in a popular series which became a widely downloaded Working Remotely E-Book.
      10. Legal Billing: The Five Levels of Success – We’ve taken observations from thousands of law firms, extracted some criteria, and constructed a simple scale of billing effectiveness.
      We have another exciting year planned with more useful, actionable content and expert guests, so stay tuned. Have a fun and productive holiday season and new year!
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