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    Top 10 Legal Productivity Posts of 2012


      iPads, Evernote, Treadmill Desks, Checklists, and M&Ms — yes, the candy: 2012 was another banner year for the Legal Productivity Blog.

      Thank YOU for coming back to read our posts, for sharing it on the social networks, and for your comments, suggestions, and engagement.

      Here are our top posts for the year:

      1. 9 IPad Productivity Tips – Tips include how to: streamline Spotlight search functionality, lock in Portrait or Landscape mode, and restrict access to certain content.

      2. Time Management, To-Do Lists And The 3 + 2 Rule – First, identify only 3 big things and 2 small things to do in a day. Write down the 3 main activities you need to accomplish, each taking 2 to 3 hours, and 2 minor ones that take around 20 minutes each.

      3. In Memory Of Finis Price – Larry’s poignant tribute to a dear friend and giant in the legal profession.

      4. 8 Great Sites For Mac Loving Lawyers – Top sites that provide news, analysis, reviews, tips, tools and community for Mac loving lawyers and legal professionals.

      5. 7 Purchases Under $15 That Boost Productivity For Attorneys – When it comes to milking every last ounce of productivity out of your day, you don’t need to shell out for fancy executive coaches, sophisticated day planners, and related tools.

      6. 5 Great Everyday Uses For Evernote – A great daily-use application to store blog post ideas, to-do lists, meeting notes, and so much more.

      7. Attorneys Take New Steps In Productivity With Treadmill Desks – Between desk jobs, driving and television, attorneys are spending more time on their butts than ever. But some are taking this problem to court.
      They’re walking and working at the same time, using treadmill desks.

      8. How To Not Make Mistakes Using A Surprisingly Simple Tool: The Checklist – So how can, as Mr. Gawande puts it, “a stupid little checklist” be so powerful, especially when the people using them are very smart, educated, and come loaded with experience (i.e. doctors and lawyers)? The short answer is they reduce complexity.

      9. 4 Twitter Productivity Tips – Tips for a more productive daily Twitter experience.

      10. Van Halen’s No Brown M&Ms: The Greatest Checklist Of All Time? – Van Halen had a “no brown M&Ms” rule along with other requirements at venues where they performed. They were management experts all along. Who knew?

      We’re excited about 2013 and have lots more new, original content planned for you so keep checking back, or subscribe to our RSS feed so you don’t miss a post.

      Have a happy, successful, and, of course, productive new year!

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