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    Twitter Analytics Now Available For All: See Tweet and Follower Stats


      Facebook has Insights, blogs have Google Analytics, even Pinterest has its own web analytics tool. Now here comes Twitter, late to the party, but welcome, even if the free analytics is a stripped down version of what big-spending advertisers get.
      Sign in with your Twitter credentials at In the top menu, you’ll find two choices: Timeline Activity and Followers.

      Timeline Activity provides analytics for mentions, follows, and for the first time, unfollows. Regarding unfollow numbers: Lots of spammy Twitter accounts unfollow you a few days later if you don’t follow them back, so don’t be too concerned about the pink (or is it magenta?) color that identifies unfollows. If you see an unusual number of unfollows, check your Twitter stream for that day – it could be due to tweeting frequency (too many tweets) or an update about a controversial topic.
      Timeline Activity also shows a list of tweets from the past month and the number of times each tweet was favorited, retweeted, or replied to. Nice.

      Twitter is still rolling analytics out to its users and some may not yet have access to the entire scope of detailed analytics. For instance, when you choose the other option, Followers, from the pull down menu, you may get the following message: “Sorry, there is not enough data to display analytics at this time. Try again later.” When it becomes available, you’ll be able to see a graph of your followers, and their interests, location and gender.
      UPDATE: Followers tab became available 24 hours later. See follower graph from April, 2009 to present, below. Many of my top interests that Twitter identified seemed way off. That algorithm needs some work.

      Twitter can provide more detailed stats and accurate insights, and probably will, but this is a good start.
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