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Each year, we produce eBooks and white papers on topics that resonate with lawyers. In the past, we have covered everything from marketing and best billing practices to cybersecurity and wellness. Download all of the titles that interest you, and check back often as we’re always adding new content. Enjoy!

How Managing Partners Get Bad Advice When Choosing Legal Software

Identify the landmines that could blow up your legal software implementation—so you can avoid them.
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Improving Mental Health and Well-Being in the Legal Industry

Depression and substance abuse are rampant among lawyers. We hope this eBook helps in some way.
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The Cost of Indecision: Why Your Law Firm Pays a Steep Price When it Doesn't Execute

Understand how much money your law firm stands to lose by not choosing a cloud-based legal practice management software.
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Rocket Matter Investigative Series: Sexism in the Courtroom

Discover how women are being treated in court and learn what can be done to combat this serious issue.
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Top 8 Ways Rocket Matter Can Increase Your Profits

Our clients told us which of our features help them increase profitability the most. This book delves into the best of the best.
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Law Firm Productivity: Everything You Need to Know to Save Time and Boost Profits

How do you and your firm become more productive? This comprehensive eBook will teach you all the tricks.
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