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We keep on top of the latest trends in the legal world and often present such information via our easy-to-digest, fun infographics. Quickly learn tips and tricks of the legal trade, from conferences to organization. Enjoy!

6 Old-School Profitability Tips for Lawyers

There are many factors that can contribute to your firm’s overall profitability. Hear about six old-school profitability tips that might help.
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Top 6 Benefits of Legal Document Automation

Still not using a document automation software in your law firm? Take a look at these top six reasons you should.
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7 Legal Practice Management Software Features that Boost Firm Productivity

We share the seven legal practice management features that our law firms have found to be the most helpful.
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The Ultimate Law Firm Automation Checklist

Learn the areas within your firm that can be easily automated. Also, find out how to prep for automation and discover which tools can help you be more productive.
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7 Proven Ways to Be a Happier Lawyer

Find out how you can improve your overall happiness and mental health.
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6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Lawyers

Artificial intelligence can be a major asset to law firms. Here’s how.
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The Law Firm of the Future

Here are the concepts you and your firm need to embrace to keep your firm up to date and appealing to new clients.
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Tech Training 101 for Lawyers

Learn about the five best resources that can help lawyers get up to speed on technology.
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5 Benefits of Attending Legal Conferences

Conferences are great opportunities to further your education about the legal industry and network with peers and experts. Here are the top benefits of attending legal conferences.
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Anatomy of a Perfect Business Email

Good business communication usually falls by the wayside when it comes to composing email messages. Here is the anatomy of a perfect business email.
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The Cloud Computing Lawyer

The legal profession lags behind the rest of the business world when it comes to leveraging the cloud. Here are some eye-opening statistics.
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5 Ways to Boost Your Law Firm's Profits

Here are five techniques that will help your firm start making more money today.
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