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We keep on top of the latest trends in the legal world and often present such information via our easy-to-digest, fun infographics. Quickly learn tips and tricks of the legal trade, from conferences to organization. Enjoy!

What Do Law Firms Need to Know About Surcharging

Surcharging is the process of passing along credit card processing fees from your legal practice to your clients. This fee is charged at the time of payment.
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4 Ways to Reduce Costs Without Losing Productivity

Ever-present yet unavoidable overhead costs, such as internet and phone, office supplies, and employee salaries, can make it easy to shoot past your budget. Here are four helpful tips for reducing costs while maintaining productivity.
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Six Small Changes Lawyers Can Make With Big Bottom-Line Impact

You don’t need to be a business tycoon to run a profitable law firm. With a smart budget, efficient workflows, and a few small tweaks, you can keep your law firm profitable.
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6 Key Hiring Techniques for Your Law Firm

With the legal job market in its 18th month of expansion, the demand for legal professionals at all levels is higher than ever. Here’s how your law firm can attract the best talent possible.
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Starting a Law Firm Checklist

Starting a law firm is a big step in your legal career. Like any significant undertaking, the key to success is breaking the work down into manageable parts.
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8 Ways to Be a More Productive Lawyer

Time is money—and the more you can streamline your legal workflows, the more money you can save at your practice. Commit to these eight key habits to heighten your law firm productivity.
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Rocket Matter Pay vs LawPay

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Rocket Matter Pay and LawPay when it comes to the most important issues.
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6 Benefits of Running a Paperless Legal Practice

Here are six good reasons to ditch the filing cabinet and take your law firm fully paperless.
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6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Cloud-Based Legal Practice Management Software

Need more convincing? Here are six incredible reasons why you should move your law firm to the cloud.
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Eye-Opening Facts About Law Firm Automation

Here are some eye-opening facts about how lawyers use automation. Also, learn the benefits of such solutions and how to implement them in your practice.
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9 Ways to Handle Stress and Avoid Attorney Burnout

Rocket Matter is all about making the lives of lawyers a whole lot better, so we wanted to share with you nine ways attorneys can avoid extreme stress overload.
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6 Tips for Lawyers Working Remotely from Home

Keep these six tips in mind to ensure you are as productive and efficient as possible when working from home.
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