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We keep on top of the latest trends in the legal world and often present such information via our easy-to-digest, fun infographics. Quickly learn tips and tricks of the legal trade, from conferences to organization. Enjoy!

The Essential SEO Checklist for Your Law Firm’s Website

Download our Essential SEO Checklist to guide you through the steps that ensure your website is found by the right people at the right time.
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Which Billing Configuration is Right for Your Firm?

Explore how you can tailor your billing structure to your law firm’s needs with Rocket Matter!
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Legal Billing Cheat Sheet: Essential Legal Billing Terms Every Solo Practitioner Need to Know

Discover the ins and outs of legal billing terms for solo and small firms, courtesy of Rocket Matter.
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4 Reasons Why Your Law Firm Website Needs a Blog

Is your law firm’s website positioned to stand out from the crowd? In a competitive online environment, your website is key to starting the conversion process and turning a qualified lead into a new client.
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Pros & Cons of Enabling Surcharging Fees for Law Firms

Surcharging slashes credit card processing costs, improving your bottom line. Save money to invest in crucial areas of your business. Expand payment options, enhance client convenience, all without adding expenses.
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How Automated Marketing Increases Profitability

You can’t make money without clients, and you can’t get new clients if no one knows who you are. And no one will know who you are if you don’t market yourself.
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6 Ways Automation Can Increase Your Firm’s Efficiency and Profitability

If attorneys at your firm are wasting valuable time on tedious, repetitive tasks that don’t generate revenue, it’s time for you to consider legal automation.
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Eliminate Waste by Going Paperless with Legal Practice Management Software

The average attorney goes through 100,000 sheets of paper every year—that’s about 10 trees!
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8 Steps for Automating Your Legal Billing and Payments

Automations may be the secret to simple, headache-free billing and payment processes at your law firm. Follow eight steps for a get-started-today automation strategy. 
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What Do Law Firms Need to Know About Surcharging

Surcharging is the process of passing along credit card processing fees from your legal practice to your clients. This fee is charged at the time of payment.
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4 Ways to Reduce Costs Without Losing Productivity

Ever-present yet unavoidable overhead costs, such as internet and phone, office supplies, and employee salaries, can make it easy to shoot past your budget. Here are four helpful tips for reducing costs while maintaining productivity.
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Six Small Changes Lawyers Can Make With Big Bottom-Line Impact

You don’t need to be a business tycoon to run a profitable law firm. With a smart budget, efficient workflows, and a few small tweaks, you can keep your law firm profitable.
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