Law Firm Infographics

We keep on top of the latest trends in the legal world and often present such information via our easy-to-digest, fun infographics. Quickly learn tips and tricks of the legal trade, from conferences to organization. Enjoy!

6 Commonly Used Alternative Fee Arrangements

Billing by the hour is no longer the only way that lawyers can get paid. You’ll learn about six of the most commonly used alternative fee arrangements in this infographic.
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The Mobile Lawyer

Today's top tips for lawyers on the go.
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9 Vital Numbers for Your Law Firm's Health

Here are nine vital numbers to look at to gain a thorough understanding of your law firm in order to accelerate revenues and boost profits.
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10 Pillars of a Mac-Based Law Firm

Here are the core elements you need to have in place when only using Apple products in your law firm.
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10 Greatest Challenges Facing Today's Small Law Firms

From acquiring new business to succession planning, learn about the biggest challenges that small law firms face today.
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