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    App of the Week: Fixed – A Non-Lawyer App That Fights Your Parking Tickets


      Many people curse, then sigh, and pay their parking tickets. Those that fight them probably do it on their own, knowing that the math doesn’t add up if they involve a lawyer. Now there’s another option: Fixed mobile app, which promises to fight your parking ticket for 25% of the fine if you win. Sounds like a no-lose proposition since lost time would cost more if you contested the ticket yourself. And, you get the pleasure of winning for a small fee.
      Here’s how it works: snap a picture of your parking ticket, upload it to Fixed and they take care of the rest, which includes scanning for errors and handling the process of contesting the ticket.
      Fixed notes that up to 50% of tickets are dismissed when challenged. They currently handle tickets in San Francisco but plan to expand to other major cities – no doubt, welcomed with open arms by motorists. Traffic courts and profiting municipalities, not so much.
      Fixed has hit a nerve: check out the Tech Crunch piece for more information, including their $1.2 million in seed funding.
      Fixed provides the following disclaimer on their site: Fixed is not a law firm. Your parking advocate is not an attorney. Communications do not constitute legal advice. If you’re interested in the ongoing UPL debate, Findlaw has an interesting lawyer vs. non-lawyer discussion about the app.
      The app is free and available for iOS devices.
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