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    App of the Week: Mailtracker – See When and Where Your Email Was Read


      “Hey, did you get that email that I sent you?”
      With the Mailtracker app from Answerbook, you’ll never have to utter those words again.
      It’s not a mail client in itself, but rather a tracking application for monitoring email analytics. It integrates with the native mail app on your iPhone, so it doesn’t impede your current email sending/receiving workflow. The service is compatible with with emails sent via Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud (with additional account support on the way!).
      The Mailtracker app will deliver real-time analytics directly to your phone. You’ll be notified as soon as an email had been read. You can also see how many times the email was viewed, how much time was spent reading the email, the recipient’s location information, and device details.
      The app works by using something called tracking pixel technology- a small, transparent image that’s downloaded when the email is viewed. It is neither invasive nor intrusive, but does require you to install a configuration profile onto your iPhone. Sound complicated? Fear not. The app comes with ridiculously clear step-by-step instructions for installation, so you’ll be up and running in no time.
      Currently, the app is only available for iPhone (meaning that in order to receive your analytics you must send your emails from your phone). Answerbook is working on versions for Androids and desktop users which will be released in a few months.
      Stalker-ish? Maybe. But an app like this has significant implications in the business realm. Workers can now be held accountable for information received via email, and followups can be more productive. What’s not to love about that?
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