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    App of the Week: Springpad – Your New Personal Assistant


      Here at Legal Productivity, we sure do love Evernote and Pinterest. But what if we could combine our two loves? We can. Springpad combines the note-taking and organizing abilities of Evernote with the ability to easily “pin” and save webpages, photos, articles, recipes, etc.
      Springpad is your new “personal assistant.” It can organize your life and increase your productivity on a daily basis. Find a recipe online and want to save it, but need to make some notes and create a shopping list? Springpad does it for you. Find an article about a movie you’d love to see? Springpad will pull up reviews and showtimes for you.
      If you use Evernote or Pinterest, you will definitely see the similarities. With Springpad, you can organize your life into “notebooks.” They have standard notebooks you can use such as tasks, recipes, books, home improvement, or you can create your own. As you create the notebooks, you can “spring” ideas, tasks and notes to the boards.
      Check out some of these notebooks to get you started:
      The 5-Day Organizer
      Happier At Home Notebook
      31 Days 2 Get Organized
      Organize Your Home Like a Pro
      Working from a computer? Even better! You can install the “Spring It” button on all popular web browsers to easily click and add web articles to your notebooks. Springpad has brought about a sharing feature as well so that you can collaborate and share your notebooks with others.
      There’s a ton of productivity and organizational apps out there, and each has its strong points. Springpad has managed to take many of these characteristics and combine them into one, free application. Springpad really can be your own personal assistant!
      Springpad is available for free on PC and Mac, Android, iOS, and Kindle.
      UPDATE: Springpad closed its doors on June, 2014.
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