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    App of the Week: Refresh- Insight on People You Meet


      Have you ever had a meeting with a client or acquaintance who you know nothing about? If you want to make a favorable impression, use Refresh, the app that crawls through publicly available information to give you a snapshot of your contacts.
      Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fast Company, Tech Crunch and more, Refresh searches the web and social networks to deliver insights about the people you connect with. It delivers information including mutual interests, shared passions, and important moments. It’s an incredible tool when it comes to business and social networking.
      Refresh integrates with your email and calendar to keep track of communications with your contacts. It will also notify you of upcoming meetings as well as remind you to browse your insights beforehand. For every person, you’ll be able to recall your first email, last meeting, and next meeting directly through the app. You can even use Refresh to search for people who are not on your calendar.
      Using the Refresh app lays the foundation for better working relationships and will prepare you to connect to everyone you plan on meeting with. You can discover common ground for better conversations and be better prepared for your next encounter. Refresh also allows you to write notes and connect to your contacts through social media.
      The app is free for iOS devices through the Apple App Store, and an android app is on the way. You can also use The Refresh web app, which is currently in beta. Either way, you’ll no doubt be much more prepared for your next big meeting with that new client or coworker.
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