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    LinkedIn Connects with Evernote to Scan Business Cards


      LinkedIn had a nifty little app called CardMunch which turned business cards into contacts. So, of course, they’re shutting it down. Fortunately, they’re offering the same service by deepening their partnership with an even niftier app, Evernote:

      LinkedIn members can scan a business card using Evernote’s mobile app and then directly connect with this contact on LinkedIn to maintain the new relationship. Evernote’s card scanning service is fast, reliable, and literally world-class, with support for seven languages.

      CardMuch users will have to export their data to Evernote. Here are the LinkedIn and Evernote instructions for exporting and importing data.

      Business card scanning is a premium feature in Evernote, but CardMunch users who transition to Evernote will get two years of free business card scanning without having to pay for a premium subscription.
      Scanning business cards to Evernote is a breeze. Instead of accepting business cards when someone offers one, open the Evernote app on your phone, swipe to switch camera mode to “Business Card,” and take a picture. If you’ve connected your Evernote account to LinkedIn it’ll draw in additional information including the contact’s picture. (On your mobile Evernote app, click the gear icon to access your settings, then go to General > Camera > Business Cards, to connect to your account to LinkedIn.)

      From there, use Evernote as you normally would: record every moment from your meetings, attach meaningful documents, and forward key emails from your new contact into a related notebook. In Evernote, that business card now acts as a visual marker for all the interactions and experiences that followed the initial handshake. For the first time, your business cards have the context they deserve.

      CardMuch was a useful app, but users won’t miss a beat with Evernote taking its place for scanning business cards and connecting with those contacts on LinkedIn.
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