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    Rocket Matter Releases “Picard” With Easy QuickBooks Integration for Legal Billing


      Download, Import, and Pray. That’s what we’ve heard it’s like to work with our competitors’ QuickBooks Integration.

      No, we thought. We have to do better.

      Download, Import, and Pray is not something we want our customers to experience, and it’s certainly not something we want to support.

      Our whole reason for being is to make attorneys’ lives easier, so when we examined integrating QuickBooks with Rocket Matter, we wanted to avoid typical cumbersome, complicated setups. We decided to eliminate working with IIF files, which Intuit doesn’t even support any more.

      We’ve been speaking to attorneys for over a year, found out what they needed, and have something they can use that’s not agonizing. And just like we did with our E-Mail Integration and our native iPhone App, we came up with something easy and natural.

      Our solution came via Intuit’s relatively new App Center, which allows for a straightforward synching between Rocket Matter and QuickBooks in a manner similar to downloading credit card or bank account information.

      Now lawyers can use Rocket Matter to capture their billable time, run invoices, and manage their cases with the ease-of-use we’re known for. They can work on the go with our iPhone app and optimized iPad and tablet interface.

      And they can easily sync their Rocket Matter activity with QuickBooks, allowing them to consolidate activities such as check writing and financial reporting with their legal fee income.

      Our QuickBooks integration requires a free one-on-one training and configuration class with one of our excellent U.S.-based product specialists. The service is our first-ever add-on and costs $14.99 per month.

      Take a look at our new QuickBooks Integration resource page, including a video to see Rocket Matter and QuickBooks in action.

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