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Rocket Matter Guest Post on Build a Solo Practice, LLC

Thank you very much to Susan Cartier Liebel for inviting us to guest post at…

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Introducting CRE – Continuing Rocket Education

Starting next week, Rocket Matter users will enjoy free training called CRE, or Continuous Rocket…

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ABA Techshow Notes – Beating the Startup Blues

Another great session we attended at Techshow was hosted by Carolyn Elefant, from MyShingle.com, and…

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Rocket Matter mentioned in Law.com ABA Techshow Review

Brett Burney has a great recap of the ABA Techshow available here at Law.com.  He took some…

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ABA Techshow Notes – SaaS with Dennis Kennedy and Dan Pinnington

There was a wealth of information available for legal technology and software consumers at the…

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Rocket Matter Updates: More Validation when Adding a Matter

Tonight we updated Rocket Matter with some more refinements to allow for a smoother experience…

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Rocket Matter Questions and Answers

Recently the blog Home Office Envy discussed Rocket Matter and asked a few questions. We…

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Updated! Adding the Rocket Matter Icon to your iPhone or iPad Home Screen

We have a nifty Rocket Matter graphic that you can add to your iPhone and…

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Rocket Matter Updates: iPhone Optimization, To-do List Improvements, Better Pending Bills

Rocket Matter rolled out a number of changes based on user feedback: iPhone optimization, improvements…

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Software as a Service: A Great Option for Solo Practitioners

Ken Obel from NextPoint, another company offering a Software as a Service (SaaS) product for…

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Moving to Software as a Service – Questions to Ask

In response to one of our recent posts, Rick Georges listed some specific concerns about…

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Rocket Matter featured on Criminal Defense Law with an Apple

Aaron Pelley recently reviewed Rocket Matter on his blog Criminal Defense Law with an Apple….

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