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    Top 10 Legal Productivity Posts of 2015


      Lawyers using Twitter and Dropbox, getting to a paperless law office, and building law firm websites were among the most widely read posts of 2015 here on the Legal Productivity blog.

      A special thanks to you, our community of faithful readers, and to our awesome staff and guest writers. Without further ado, here are the top 10 Legal Productivity posts of 2015.

      1. 50 Lawyers You Should Be Following on Twitter – Follow these lawyers, learn from them, and engage them, for a vibrant and meaningful Twitter experience.

      2. How Lawyers Use Dropbox – Dropbox is increasingly popular with lawyers as the 2014 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report indicates, with 65.3% of lawyers downloading the app in 2014, up from only 15.2% the prior year.

      3. 10 Surprising Stats on Law Firm Websites [Infographic] – To get visitors and keep them engaged, watch for these trouble spots when designing and maintaining your website.

      4. Checklists for Lawyers – Checklists reduce errors. They facilitate consistency and completeness in carrying out tasks and avoiding mistakes, and provide a kind of cognitive net, catching mental flaws inherent in all of us — flaws of memory and attention and thoroughness.

      5. 5 Lesser Known Productivity Tools for Your Law Firm, at Home or on the Road – Useful tools for ramping up productivity at the office, home, or on the road.

      6. How Lawyers Use Twitter – Stories from practicing lawyers on how they use Twitter to build relationships, increase awareness, share information, and get news.

      7. Paperless Law Office: Essential Systems (and Tools) – What you need to help you transition to, and maintain a paperless law office.

      8. 16 Not So Obvious Ways to Increase Law Firm Revenue – Ramp up revenue at your firm and you’ll get the added benefit of improved processes, productivity, and accountability.

      9. Slack: An Effective Communication Platform For Law Firms – Slack is a great fit for teams at law firms as well, including intra-office communication and across departments and practice areas.

      10. The Paperless Law Office Checklist (Infographic) – Establishing a paperless law office requires unique processes, systems, and the right tools. Use the checklist to get started.

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