Thanks to the ALA For a Wonderful 2010 Annual Conference & Exposition

Something unusual happened to us at the 2010 Association of Legal Administrators Annual Conference & Exposition which hasn’t happened at any other trade show we’ve been to. Attendee after attendee came up and thanked us for exhibiting and supporting the ALA. Once in a while we hear appreciation like that at other shows, but this […]

North Carolina Proposed Ethics Opinion on Cloud Legal Practice Management and Time and Billing Software

When Rocket Matter was first announced to the world back in February of 2008, we faced a lot of raised eyebrows. We were the first dedicated Internet-based legal practice management and time and billing software to hit the market, and as such, we found ourselves quite busy answering client confidentiality and data issues. Over two […]

An iPhone Walks Into a Bar and Says, “You Got Any Grapes?”

So an iPhone walks into a bar and says, “You got any grapes?” Bartender says, “We don’t have grapes here.  We have beer, whiskey, and wine.  Now get outta here.” Next day the iPhone comes back to the bar and says, “You got any grapes?” Bartender says, “Listen iPhone, I told you yesterday.  We don’t […]