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    Roundup of Legal Productivity Apps of 2011


      Our App of the Week series took off during the second half of this year culminating in the App of the year honors. Many of the apps that we reviewed are legal specific while some cover wellness, finance, note taking, and beyond. They all contribute to helping us wring productive output out of our day like a sponge.

      Top 10 most popular apps

      1. Pomodoro Pro – To Focus Your Scattered Mind – The Pomodoro Technique is simple: you set a timer for 25 minutes and work on only one task during that time. No email, Facebook, coffee breaks, restroom pitstops, or interruptions. You take a break for 5 minutes and then start up again.

      2. Be Awesome on Twitter With Buffer App – Manage your tweets right from This very useful app has taken Twitter by storm in 2011. We followed up this post with How to Buffer Tweets From Your iPhone.

      3. Zosh lets you fill-in and sign documents from your iPhone – Zosh eliminates the nuisance of printing, signing, and faxing your time-sensitive documents. You can complete, sign, and send PDF documents by using your iPhone or iPad touchscreen.

      4. Organize Your Receipts With Shoeboxed – Snap a picture of your receipt, enter a description and submit for processing.

      5. Square – Accept Credit Cards for your Law Firm – Want to start accepting credit cards for your clients but don’t know how to get started? Try Square. It’s hot, and inspired this whole new app of the week series!

      6. Organize Your Lists With Priority Matrix – Priority Matrix makes it insanely simple for you to plan your day, work and life — in a meaningful and constructive way.

      7. Save $19.99 and Download FedCtRecords (PACER) Now – Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information from federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts online.

      8. Pulse – An Incredible News Reader – Pulse allows you to add a number of big-name featured channels out of the box, such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Time, or FastCompany to name a few. There’s also a bunch of feeds from popular hobby sites for sports, food, technology, and you can easily add an RSS feed if you know the address.

      9. Evernote – For Mobile Note Nirvana – Allows you to organize digital clippings and notes easily, synch them across different devices, and share them. Other popular Evernote posts include Power Your Paperless Law Office with Evernote and Egretlist: An Evernote Based To-Do List.

      10. TrialPad for the iPad – The leading trial presentation and legal file management app for your iPad.

      Our picks that just missed the top 10

      We’ve not only written about these apps, but also use them frequently:

      Get Your Travel On With TripIt

      Loseit – a Nutrition Management App

      Read it Later With Instapaper

      Have an app you love and want to tell the world about? Write a guest post for our app of the week series! Click here to email us your idea and we’ll be in touch!

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